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Enrichment Programs for RHLS Students

* K-8 After-school Enrichment Special January - February REGISTRATION: >> Register HERE Now




READY SET BOW! Beginning Violin/Viola:  Grades 3-5 Boys and Girls Ready, Set, BOW! (Begins January 8 - 8 week class) This class will focus on Violin and Viola. Students will learn proper Violin and Viola posture and technique and will begin instruction through beginning repertoire and exercises. Students of all levels are welcome. Proficient students will be challenged through leadership and other musical differentiation. Violin or viola along with the method book needs to be supplied by the families. (4th grader with a school violin or viola may use that.) If you rent from Bertrand’s (Mission Viejo)  a week before the class, Mr. Hunter will deliver instrument to RHLS. To rent, you will need to know the size. If you rent at the store they will size your child, if you rent on-line at see Mr Hunter for sizing. Please check with Ms. Fleischbein or Mr. Hunter before renting!  The book being used is Suzuki Violin Book 1, and Viola Book 1. This is different from the book being used in class to create a more diverse experience. (RHLS Teacher)


TROMBONE - pBONE BONANZA: Grades 4-8 (Begins January 8 - 8 week class) pBones are bright colored trombones made from a strong plastic with a carbon fiber slide. All levels welcome. Trombone players with prior experience will be challenged with leadership roles, differentiated music and small ensemble opportunities. Taught be Mr Ben Hunter this is a super fun class! There will be an end of trimester presentation. (15 Student Maximum) (RHLS Teacher)



* K-8 After-school Enrichment Tri 2 (Dec - Feb) REGISTRATION: >> Closed


* Preschool After-school Enrichment REGISTRATION:  >>Closed -- SOLD OUT!

Red Hill Lutheran School offers a variety of extra-curricular activities, 5-8 Grade competitive athletics, and holiday camps for our students.
Enrichment Classes Extra-curricular activities vary each trimester. There is always a variety of classes including sports, arts, cooking, and music. For current trimester offerings and registration see flier above or inquire in the school office.
After-School Eagles Athletics Grades 5-8 Please see Eagle Athletics pages for after-school League Sports program for Grades 5-8. (Eagle Athletics LINK).

Tutoring RHLS teachers offer private tutoring on a first-come, first-served basis. Tutoring LINK for more information.

Thanksgiving and Easter Holiday Camps Holiday camps offer exciting activities and classes for RHLS students that allow your child to have fun while learning new skills and exploring the world around them.     

Daycare / After School Programs - Daycare LINK for details.

K-8 Daycare - Morning: 7-8am / Afternoon: 3-6pm

Preschool Daycare - Morning: 7-9am / Afternoon: 3-6pm