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Blue Ribbon School

Red Hill Lutheran School is a nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School
The Blue Ribbon designation is the highest honor given by the Department of Education and is used to recognize schools that have demonstrated high achievement and serve as an example to other programs. The Blue Ribbon Schools Program creates a climate for strong student performance in all areas.


Red Hill Lutheran School (RHLS), in Tustin, California, has worked for over 60 years to develop, nurture, and equip students to positively impact their world for Jesus Christ through a Bible-based, well-balanced education. As one body with many parts (1 Corinth.12:12), each individual is an integral component to this mission. Parents, teachers, administrators, church, and school staff work together to guide our students to SOAR. RHLS students are spiritually guided. Besides learning about their faith, students make personal connections and applications, gaining a biblical perspective and demonstrating love to others. Red Hill Lutheran Church works in partnership to support this goal. They are outstanding scholars. Standards-based instruction is embedded with critical thinking and questioning skills. Students are prepared with 21st Century competences, developing communication, collaboration, and creativity. They are focused on continuous school improvement, teachers and administrators are committed to providing research-based instruction.. RHLS students are able and talented. Students benefit from specialized instruction in music, drama, visual arts, foreign language, STEM, and sports. A dedicated, specialized staff is devoted to this specialty program. Students demonstrate integrity and responsibility to become good citizens; respecting others; evaluating issues ethically; developing self-discipline and character; and living a life of leadership, service, stewardship, and worship. The school family works together to foster this through support of global and local philanthropies.
Through the collaborative efforts of the entire school body, Red Hill Lutheran School supports the development of the whole child through its well-balanced educational experience, equipping students to positively impact the world through their unique gifts and talents.