Preschool: Health & Safety and Resources

Preschool Check-in and Safety Measures
Please review our check-in procedure and daily well check procedures.  All children need to remain with their parent/guardian until admitted into the classroom by a teacher. Parents/Guardians will sign their child in and out from the outside of the classroom before the child will be admitted to the classroom. In addition, all students need to stay outside, with their parent/guardian until a RHLS staff member has done a wellness check.
If any child becomes sick, during their time at school, they will be removed from the classroom and placed in supervised isolation until picked up from school. If sent home from school, children will need to skip a full day of camp and be fever free, without medicine, before returning to school.
We ask that all students bring a personalized water bottle from home. We have fresh drinking water available for refill throughout the day.
Please take some time, before coming to school, to talk with your child about the sign-in guidelines. 
Thank you for your support and partnership. Please feel free to contact the school office
[email protected] or myself if you have any questions or concerns.