Graduates' Testimonials:


As part of our challenging education here at Red Hill, we were stretched in areas of leadership, serving, and making endless faith connections. These were the values that have shaped us into who we are as responsible and caring individuals. Thanks to Red Hill and everyone here who has influenced us, we will stand strong in the truths we’ve learned from our time here so we can face life’s challenges while staying true to God.


Red Hill has been a great place for me throughout my middle school years. I have grown as a leader and increased my work ethic. I have grown spiritually and I feel that I will be prepared for high school.


RHLS has been an amazing school for the past 11 years. It has helped me grow my relationship with God. Also, I have met many great people and had many great experiences with them. Lastly, RHLS has helped me reach my academic goals and helped me prepare well for high school.


Red Hill Lutheran has been my home for many years. Since the day I came I had met wonderful people who I still care for today. Although I am sad to be leaving my family at RHLS, I'm eager to go and spread God's love elsewhere. This school has shaped me to be who I am today, and I am so happy that God was and is still a part of my journey. I feel blessed to have all these wonderful teachers, and I'm glad I got at least one year with our amazing new principal. Thank you for filling me with knowledge, as well as the promises of God throughout my time here.


I feel I have absolutely loved my middle school experience here. All of my teachers were amazing and the best. I am definitely very sad to leave but I will be back plenty. I also feel that I am very prepared for high school because of how RHLS prepared me.


Alumni Parent’s Testimonial:


Hello Mr. Wakita,

I pray this finds you and yours doing well!  This is a long overdue email.  But I wanted to give you an update on how (student) is doing at Beckman High.  It was a typical start adjusting to the new rigors as a Freshman. He has zero period at 7:30 am since he made the Baseball Team.  (Side note, the Freshmen are currently undefeated

18-0 ;) ).

He is taking Spanish, Geometry, Honors English, Photo Design, and of course Biology.  

What I wanted to especially share is our gratitude for the structure, challenge and work ethic you instilled.  I feel because of this, (student) has been able to navigate this year well.  He made the Principal's Honor roll.  I’m sure you will smile when I also tell you that Biology is his favorite class, as he often says “it’s because of what Mr. Wakita taught us!”.   He feels he has a deeper understanding of the material than most.  He often helps out many classmates in Bio.   There are a few RHLS students at Beckman and they still support each other in Christ.  Thank you Mr. Wakita, we know you’ve helped set the foundation (student) has and it’s made all the difference!


Many blessings to you, we hope you've had a fulfilling school year!


In Him,

RHLS Parent (May 2023)


Our daughter finished her freshman year at Olu with academic excellence and a GPA of 3.75. :)  In part thanks to you and the excellent foundation she received to launch her into high school from RHLS. She set the standard for herself. I didn’t have to push her at all.


Our son, class of 2020 at Mater Dei, received a stole for academic excellence maintaining a 4.0 through every semester of high school.  Again in part to the positive work ethic set by yourself and other teachers in RHLS. 


I am so proud of them both for their dedication to their studies and for their ability to balance academics with other activities.  Our daughter was also a spirit leader as well.


Many Regards,

RHLS Parent of two Alumni (May 2020)

Student's Testimonial:


What a year it has been. I don’t want to leave your class, ever! You’ve introduced me to so many different things, and I really appreciate it. Being in your classroom has pushed me to do things I have never expected of myself. You've prepared me to take anything high school throws my way. You would always fill up a lesson I thought would be boring, with new knowledge that I'd never thought about before.


I didn't quite know how to title this email, because "Goodbye" seemed so depressing. Thank you so much for teaching me, even if we couldn't do it face to face. I'm going to miss walking into your classroom, or saying "Hi!" around the hallways. Stay safe, and don't stop being such an excellent teacher.



Middle School Student (May 2020)

Parent's Testimonial:


Seeing the littles on campus today reminded me of the fact that sadly we are no longer a part of the RHLS Preschool family!  My wife and I were talking last night about how impactful this program has been on our lives and the lives of our girls these past 7 years.  We've had the blessing to have had the girls in classes with Miss Linda, Miss Jessica, Miss Felisa, Miss Christina, Miss Jessica (Hickey), Miss Kaitlyn, Miss Paola, Miss Tracy, and so many others that have supported and loved them along the way.  We toured preschool 9 years ago with Miss Lori and walked off campus not just thinking, but truly knowing that RHL was going to be our preschool home.  We knew they'd be loved and cared for, that they'd be introduced to school and learning as a fun and exciting place, and that Jesus would be at the center of it all.  That's exactly what we were looking for at that time.  As I write that out, it seems like such a tall order doesn't it?  And yet the preschool team has just astounded us year after year with their commitment to exactly those things.  


We had no idea what God had planned for us, and that my girls would stay beyond our "planned" preschool and kinder years.  I can tell you though that the girls were and are beyond prepared and confident for the jump to kindergarten.  Ultimately we just wanted to say thank you and recognize them for how awesome they've been and how meaningful and impactful their efforts have been on our family.   


With so much gratitude,

A Parent of 3 students 



I would like to take a moment to thank you and everyone at RHLS. Elementary school ended poorly for our daughter, and she was not in a good place. I know that she still has many challenges, but after her time at RHLS, she seems to have found herself and is on a very good track. I was thrilled to see her embrace many aspects of the school such as STEM, Science Olympiad, Praise Band, Youth Group, and the National Geographic project. She's also made very strong friendships. She would often tell us how much she loves her school and that led to her choosing to continue her education at Orange Lutheran High School.


Please pass on my sincere appreciation to everyone who helped teach, support, and guide our daughter along the way.


Best regards,

8th Grade Father



Dr. Marquardt,


God is SOOO good!  In the midst of the 2020 drastic changes/unknowns/fears and stress—you really rose above and beyond!


It gave all the parents yet another chance to be grateful that we have this school to support our children, and in unknown waters, so many of us trusted that our children would be safe and learn in the best way they could.  


Under your leadership, the teachers and staff were able to implement such an impressive NEW plan for the 2020-2021 school year!


My husband and I adore you, as the leader of this amazing institution and also as the down-to-earth person that you are!



Praise The Lord!

2nd & 3rd Grade Mom



RHLS has been such an amazing place for our girls. I can’t even put it into words how much they’ve grown here. If this is something on your heart to consider, please reach out to them ASAP as the few spots that are opening up will no doubt be snagged right away. If you are worried about your kids moving to a new school, I get it! If you are worried about their health safety right now, I get it! But let me assure you, it will be ok, better than ok! Not only did our oldest daughter transition to a new middle school making new great friends, but she also made it onto ASB this year! Our younger daughter has talked to astronauts at the space station! They had holiday parties and passed out Valentines, they do PE and learn Spanish. They play instruments and have Art class, do robotics and STEM, and just plain get to be healthy active kids. (All of these activities happen every single week! Our 4th grader calls them her special classes and looks forward to them so much!) All while wearing masks, taking temps, protective barriers in classrooms and other precautions put in place to keep them and the staff safe. But trust me, the kids don’t even blink at these steps, they are just so happy to be in school. The staff and grounds are amazing. We are truly blessed.


7th & 4th Grade Mom on Facebook



Hi Dr. Marquardt, 


This is our first year at Red Hill Lutheran.  We are just enjoying everything, and feel so loved and blessed to be here. I can feel the loving care and attention that you and all the teachers and staff are pouring into the school and the students.  


It is never easy to switch schools, especially when the kids are a little older now.  We are so grateful that God has blessed our kids with wonderful friendships, amazing teachers and staff, and such a great academic curriculum with Bible integration. 


I really appreciate all the updates you send. I appreciate all the thoughts, attention to detail, prayers, research, and care, regarding everything you do for the school. We are very grateful to you.  We are very grateful to be in a Christ-centered environment. 


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we are looking forward to a wonderful year ahead.


Parents of new 5th & 7th-grade students to RHLS; Oct. 5, 2021



He loves it! The boys have been so welcoming and the moms have been so helpful and kind too. My only regret is that we did not put him at RHLS sooner. Thank you for making the transition seamless for him (and us too). 


Mom of new 6th-grade boy



We always speak highly of Red Hill Lutheran School to everyone we know.  RHLS has been such a blessing to our family - outstanding teachers, administrators, and office staff.  It was exactly the environment, both spiritually and academically, that we were hoping to find for our kids. We still remember our campus tour with Mrs. Browne - after touring several Christian schools in the area, RHLS stood out among the rest, and that level of excellence has been proven to our family over the past seven years.  (In addition, Mrs. Browne’s hospitality was and is amazing)!

Parents of alumni student, and current 8th-grade student



Dear Lori,

I watched chapel today and loved it so much!  Fun to see my son in the 7B play and up on stage singing praises.  My heart was full and I felt confirmation that Ezra is where he is supposed to be.  I am thankful that God led us to RHL and all of you! 

Mom of new 7th-grade student


Dear Dr. Marquardt, 

Congratulations to you and the RHLS Team for another successful school year in 2021-2022!  


In reflection, it is incredible to see how much our son has grown and thrived this school year.  We are so blessed that he has been accepted to such a remarkable school and we love watching him learn and find happiness at Red Hill Lutheran School... Everything this school year was so positive and organized and went along so seamlessly.  After further review, we really feel that it is due to Mrs. Hernandez conducting such outstanding leadership of her class and families.  Everything she does and says embodies the essence of an AMAZING 1st Grade Teacher!  I am very grateful for my son being a part of her class, as she very much values the special teacher/student connection.  His adoration and respect toward her resulted in his positive academic drive, always wanting to complete homework and projects in a timely manner and be a hard worker in 1st grade. 


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for his wonderful experience.  We are beyond grateful and blessed to have our son be a student at RHLS and we cannot wait for our daughter to eventually join the community too. 


Blessings to you for a lovely summer break! 

Mom of a 1st-grade student and future preschool student