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Lunch Options

Tuesday, Chick-fil-A, $8.50 for 8 piece nugget or chicken sandwich with fresh fruit, 8th Grade East Coast Fundraiser
Thursday, Pizza, $7.25 for 1 slice or $9 for 2 slices with fresh fruit, PTF Fundraiser 
To Order your Chick-fil-A or Pizza log onto Boonli - one sign-on allows ordering via credit card, changing orders, cancelling orders, seeing order history, duplicating orders etc.  Sign On HERE  (Deadline is 9am the day prior.)  School Password is: RHLS1
Pizza Volunteers Needed Sign Up HERE:  Please consider volunteering to serve pizza at lunch time. We need four volunteers every Thursday. A fun way to get involved, help out, earn your SUPPORT/SERVICE hours, and see your child at lunch time. Sign Up HERE 
Monday-Friday, Choicelunch Service* -
Choicelunch can no longer deliver to RHLS due to low volume and higher costs. The last lunch day will be November 4, 2022.
If you have a credit on your account, Choicelunch will refund you. 
*We are researching other options to begin in 2023. Please continue to enjoy Chick-Fil-A Tuesdays and Pizza Thursdays each week.