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Red Hill Lutheran Church & School  ~  Engaging hearts and minds for Christ  ~  Weekly tours Monday - Thursday
Hot Lunch Options » Hot Lunch Options

Hot Lunch Options

Tuesday, Chick-fil-A, 8th Grade East Coast Fundraiser

Thursday, Pizza, PTF Fundraiser

RHLS has partnering with Boonli to make ordering our Chick-fil-A and Pizza fundraising hot lunches easier for our families. Boonli simplifies ordering for families - one sign-on allows ordering via credit card, changing orders, cancelling orders, seeing order history, duplicating orders etc.  

Boonli Chick-fil-A (Tuesday) and Pizza (Thursday) REGISTRATION LINK & ORDER NOW

Pizza Volunteers Needed:  Please consider volunteering to serve pizza at lunch time. We need four volunteers every Thursday. A fun way to get involved, help out, earn your PRIDE hours, and see your child at lunch time. To sign up please CLICK HERE.



Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday hot lunches. The online ordering system and mobile App make it  easy for parents to order school lunches. Incredible entrees, sides, and fresh fruits and veggies. 

ORDER NOW: Choice Lunch LINK