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Lunch Options

Tuesday, Chick-fil-A, $8.50 for 8 piece nugget or chicken sandwich with fresh fruit or $11.50 for a chicken wrap with fruit, 8th Grade Fundraiser
Thursday, Pizza, $7.25 for 1 slice or $9.00 for 2 slices with fresh fruit, PTF Fundraiser 
To Order your Chick-fil-A or Pizza log onto Boonli - one sign-on allows ordering via credit card, changing orders, cancelling orders, seeing order history, duplicating orders etc.  Sign On HERE  (Deadline is 9am the day prior.)  School Password is: RHLS1
Pizza Volunteers Needed Sign Up HERE:  Please consider volunteering to serve pizza at lunch time. We need four volunteers every Thursday. A fun way to get involved, help out, earn your SUPPORT/SERVICE hours, and see your child at lunch time. Sign Up HERE 
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Cater Tots
Lunch orders may be placed online at Families must first set-up a parent account using the initial school code (RHLS22) which will assign you to the right school for service. Once the parent account is initiated, child accounts may be created and the ordering begins!
Order deadlines: 
  • New Orders -- by 9 am the business day prior to service
  • Change / Cancel - by 9am the business day prior to service (for full credit)
  • Same Day Illness - by 8am for half credit via email or voicemail
  • The cost per meal is $6.90 for a Junior portion and $8.00 for a Regular portion. Visa & MasterCard accepted online. 
About Cater Tots:
  • Children’s nutrition is the cornerstone of what we do. We know children’s palates are not as developed as teens or adults so we take great strides to provide flavorful, simple and tasty menus.  We have over 15 years of kid-tested and parent-approved service!
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