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Handbook Policy/Requirements

Parent Support/Service Volunteer Handbook Information: Click HERE for Handbook


Each family is required to serve a minimum of 10 service hours at Red Hill Lutheran School. This is the equivalent of one service hour per month of school enrollment. Parents, legal guardians, or any adult family member may serve the required hours provided the party responsible for enrolling the student approves the Support/Service hours and properly records the hour(s) in the FACTS Family Portal (ParentsWeb).


Support/Service hour requirements for the school year begin on the first day of summer before the school year and end on the last day of school. Support/Service hours must be completed by the last regularly scheduled day of the school year or a fee of $25.00 will be incurred for each hour not served, not to exceed $250.00 per family. Church volunteer hours with exception of some activities at RHL, and middle school student service hours will not normally count as Support/Service hours.


It is the responsibility of the volunteer to correctly record their Support/Service hours and submit them online using the RHLS app (links to the FACTS Family Portal - ParentsWeb). Support/Service hours are validated and tracked by the school office and can be viewed in the FACTS Family Portal (ParentsWeb) at any time.


School families will be considered to have fulfilled their Support/Service hour requirements by their school involvement in the following ways:
• Full-time RHLS and RHLC faculty and staff.
• RHLS School board members.
• RHLS Head Room Parent position.
• RHLS PTF Board Positions

All families are required to participate in the Support/Service program. Parents not serving the minimum hours will be required to pay the equivalent of $25.00 for each hour not served for a maximum payment of $250.00 per family.