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Academic Degree(s) Held
Augustana, Sioux Falls, South Dakota: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education
Concordia University, Irvine: Masters Degree in Education 

Mr. Dovenmuehler has been teaching at Red Hill Lutheran School since 1995.  Throughout his life, Mr. Dovenmuehler has participated in or been involved with athletics, and is a huge sports fan. He coaches football, basketball and track for RHLS. Fondly referred to at Red Hill as Mr. "D," he is loved by his students for the fun activities in his classroom and his ability to explain concepts fully. Mr. D's life got even better in the summer of 2008 when he married fellow RHLS teacher, Sheila Dimaano, now known as Mrs. D!  They have one son, Peter, and are blessed to teach together each and every day at RHLS.