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Multi-sensory approach to teaching Mitosis used at RHLS!

Multi-sensory approach to teaching Mitosis used at RHLS! Students learned about the cell cycle and mitosis using various forms of hands on learning. Pipe cleaners were used to reproduce cells in the interphase, prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase or cytokinesis phase of mitosis. Hand motions were used as students demonstrated what each phase looked like. Students eventually took a swab of his or her own cheek cell to examine under the microscope.
Volleyball Bake Sale Draws Crowds!!

Volleyball Bake Sale Draws Crowds!! RHLS JV & Varsity volleyball teams held a bake sale today with homemade cookies, breads, cupcakes, and more! Parents and students flocked to the table to support the girls. Funds from this sale will be used to purchase new volleyballs. Thank you to all of our amazing parents for your support. RHLS truly is one big happy family!
More New Data Point to Private School Advantage
New data released by the U.S. Government show that 10th grade students enrolled in private schools in 2002 were nearly twice as likely as their public school peers to have earned a bachelor's degree, or higher, ten years later. Moreover, students who succeeded in achieving a college degree were found to be more successful in finding jobs and earning better salaries, even in the grips of the recession and its aftermath. These, and other findings appear in a report released last month by the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics, titled, "Education Longitudinal Study of 2002 (ELS:2002): A First Look at 2002 High School Sophomores 10 Years Later." The paper can be viewed or downloaded, below. Key preliminary findings of the study are reported in this month's edition of the CAPE Outlook newsletter, attached below.

The longitudinal study found that only 31.1 percent of public school students who were sophomores in 2002 had earned bachelor's degrees, or higher, by 2012. By contrast, 61.9 percent of sophomores attending Catholic schools in 2002 had earned bachelor's degrees, or higher, ten years later, as had 57.1 percent of student enrolled in other private schools.*

The achievement of a college degree was generally accompanied by higher earnings. Whereas one-third of those receiving bachelor's degrees by 2011 were enjoying salaries of $40,000 and upwards, only 14 percent of those with high school diplomas, alone, reported earnings at, or above $40,000. Among those who were working but had failed to complete high school, the most frequently reported current occupations were "food preparation and serving related occupations." Among those in their mid-20s who had completed at least a bachelor's degree, the most frequently reported current occupations included education, training, and library occupations (13.0 percent), office and administrative support occupations (11.0 percent), management occupations (10.9 percent), and business and financial operations occupations (10.1 percent).

When, in the aftermath of the national recession, jobs became more difficult to keep, those who had earned a bachelor's degree or higher fared substantially better. In the years spanning 2006 to 2012, 45 percent of those who failed to complete high school reported that they had lost a job, compared to 40 percent who possessed a high school diploma, only, and 19 percent of those who had earned a bachelor's degree, or higher.

It adds up: the completion of a college degree generally adds value to human capital, and students who attend private schools are far more likely, in proportionate terms, to earn college degrees.
*In this particular study, students enrolled in Independent Schools were placed in the "other private schools" category, together with counterparts who attended other-than-Catholic private schools.
100th Day of School Celebration!

100th Day of School Celebration! We've got spirit, yes we do! Grades K-2 celebrated the 100th Day of School by dressing up as 100 year olds. Some of our kindergarten students did not recognize their very own teacher! Students will participate in many different activities today that center on counting to 100 by 1's, 2's 5's and 10's.
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