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30 Days of Middle School Public Service Announcements for Orange County Rescue Mission

Dear RHLS Students & Parents;

Last year, under the direction of Mrs. Lisa Tarkoff, the 7th grade classes here at RHLS did a project based learning assignment on philanthropy in conjunction with their reading of The Christmas Carol and their argument and debate unit.  As a result of this assignment,  The Orange County Rescue Mission (OCRM) was selected as a philanthropy the students, as eighth graders, will support and promote this year.  Each day in March, for 30 Days, 8th grade students will present a different Public Service Announcement (PSA) video highlighting the reasons we should donate our March chapel offerings to the OCRM. These messages will teach you how to share God’s love to others in need.

So get ready for 30 Day’s of PSA’s!  Click on the link below to view.

Thanks to Mrs. Tarkoff and our current 8th grade students. 

Paul Marquardt, Principal

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