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Mark Wakita

Academic Degree(s) Held
California State University, Northridge: Bachelor of Arts
University of Southern California: Masters in Electrical Engineering
Missouri State University: Masters of Science in Educational Technology 
The role of Middle School Science teacher at RHLS provides the opportunity to guide students in the journey of learning the intricacies and wonders of God's Creation through Science. Instruction in Middle School science is complemented by Mr. Wakita’s engineering background that included aircraft radar, satellite communication system, and cell phones design. With a BS from CSUN, an MS in Electrical Engineering from USC, and an MS in Educational Technology from Missouri State he is grateful for the blessings of his beautiful wife of 26 years, daughters (Cal Poly SLO Senior and High School Sophomore), and their adorable lab, Lincoln.

Going Beyond. RHLS Middle School Science does more than simply meet the Next Generation Science Standards with cutting edge technologies and teaching strategies, it also helps students build a unique understanding and appreciation of the beauty and complexity of God’s creation through the lens of science. In Science class, students learn, experiment, think critically, and pray/praise. Their journey integrates different aspects of education including Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Fine Arts, Computer Science, and Christian Studies to provide a rich understanding and appreciation of God's Creation through Science.