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Heather DeFiore

Certification Held
Santa Ana College: Early Childhood Education Certification 
Ms. Heather De Fiore, known as “Miss Heather” has served for 10 years at RHLS as Preschool Support, Outdoor Environment specialty teacher, and Daycare Facilitator. She has also served in RHLS children’s ministry. She also serves as the primary substitute Preschool Teacher.

Miss Heather feels that it is a true privilege to be able to work in each classroom. She loves working in a Christian environment which allows her to express and extend her God-given gifts. RHLS is her second home and she enjoys making a difference by enriching the lives of God’s precious children!

Miss Heather feels blessed to work in an environment where the love of Christ is so apparent. She values the relationships she has built with the families at RHLS. She loves creating a fun and exciting outside, gross motor environment that will extend your child's physical, social, and spiritual growth outside of the classroom. Miss Heather's Daycare program is a warm, loving and a fun experience that your child will look forward to attending.