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RHLS currently is providing all PS-8th Grade instruction online.  Please call the school office with any questions of other school programs and services at this time. (714)544-3132 x117

Alumni Testimonials

Graduates' Testimonials:


Coming to Red Hill Lutheran was the best decision my family and I made. This school has changed me and made me the best I could have been.


As part of our challenging education here at Red Hill, we were stretched in areas of leadership, serving, and making endless faith connections. These were the values that have shaped us into who we are as responsible and caring individuals. Thanks to Red Hill and everyone here who has influenced us, we will stand strong in the truths we’ve learned from our time here so we can face life’s challenges while staying true to God.


Red Hill has been a great place for me throughout my middle school years. I have grown as a leader and increased my work ethic. I have grown spiritually and I feel that I will be prepared for high school.


RHLS has been an amazing school for the past 11 years. It has helped me grow my relationship with God. Also, I have met many great people and had many great experiences with them. Lastly, RHLS has helped me reach my academic goals and helped me prepare well for high school.


Red Hill Lutheran has been my home for many years. Since the day I came I had met wonderful people who I still care for today. Although I am sad to be leaving my family at RHLS, I'm eager to go and spread God's love elsewhere. This school has shaped me to be who I am today, and I am so happy that God was and is still a part of my journey. I feel blessed to have all these wonderful teachers, and I'm glad I got at least one year with our amazing new principal. Thank you for filling me with knowledge, as well as the promises of God throughout my time here.


I feel I have absolutely loved my middle school experience here. All of my teachers were amazing and the best. I am definitely very sad to leave but I will be back plenty. I also feel that I am very prepared for high school because of how RHLS prepared me.