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Congratulations RHLS!  Recognized and Awarded as a 2020 National Blue Ribbon School!
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Preschool Home

Red Hill Lutheran Preschool provides a developmentally and academically appropriate curriculum for each child. Challenging activities are planned to support and encourage the young child's natural way of learning while fostering an understanding of basic concepts upon which future learning depends.

We offer a child-centered, hands-on curriculum prepared and facilitated by our Christian, professionally-trained educators. Our academic program includes Zoo Phonics, a phonics-based reading program in the Pre-Kindergarten classes, hands-on Mathematics activities, Language Arts, Music and Creative Movement for development of large and small motor skills. Through simple activities, stories, questions, and conversations, children learn that they can pray and praise God at any time and in any place. Each class focuses on one Bible story each week. Children participate in daily prayers at Circle Time, snacks, and lunch. Parents and school staff work together to nurture the faith of young children.

Creative art activities are planned for independent expression through many different mediums. Children explore art with the goal to emphasize its “process” rather than the end “product.” Weekly Music and Creative Movement are also included in our program.


The primary goal of the RHLS Preschool program is to make Preschool attendance a meaningful and happy experience in which children develop in all areas towards their highest                    potential - physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Dedicated and committed Christian teachers provide children with numerous opportunities for growth and development by fostering a realistic and lasting relationship with Jesus Christ. Our goals include:

  • Encouraging and developing a positive attitude towards the Christian family.
  • Encouraging the child's appreciation and delight in God's world and the products of human culture.
  • Integrating lessons with Biblical truths, which are related to the child’s experience and level of development.
  • Encouraging the child in self-confidence.
  • Helping children to observe, investigate, seek and acquire information and to think critically and analytically.
  • Promoting health, physical growth, and motor coordination.
  • Assisting each child in learning to play cooperatively with other children and to relate with individuals and groups.


  • We believe that teaching is a ministry with the objective to assist parents in the development of their children.
  • We believe that the early childhood program can expand the child's perception of God, of other people, and of the physical world which God created.
  • We believe that Christian education is unique and that its quality lies in the fact that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is part of the thought processes used to interpret, determine, and evaluate education. It can help develop the conscience, feelings, and attitudes which form the foundation for a positive self-image and good relationships.
  • We believe that the spiritual or religious aspect of young children cannot be separated from their total growth process.
  • We believe that each child is "special" in the eyes of God, and that the child has a right to be appreciated and respected for his/her individuality.
Child Care License #300600825

The overall goal of Miss Molly’s Music Program at Red Hill Preschool is to allow children to learn, experience, and love music in a safe and caring environment where they can learn to express themselves as unique individuals. The musical activities used during the program, while emphasizing joy, will also contribute to improving children’s socialization, heightening                  self-awareness and self-discipline, and expanding their spatial reasoning and physical coordination. The children will laugh, play, dance, and sing all while expanding their cognitive, physical, and emotional abilities. The activities, all based in music, involve rhythm, movement, sound recognition, instrumentation, and beginning notation. The activities will evolve with the children over time as they grow and learn and will also be honed and specialized for each group depending on interests, likes/dislikes, etc.

Much of the growth of the children will be apparent in their changes in behavior concerning structure, self-discipline, and socialization and some growth can easily be measured in their music knowledge gained throughout the class. Students will also be asked to put their knowledge into practice by creating their own rhythms, writing them down, and demonstrating them for the class.


The Science Behind It:

1. The corpus callosum connects the two hemispheres of the brain. This allows information to be shared between the two halves and for commands to be coordinated.

2. Increase plasticity of the corpus callosum during a sensitive period of time in development.

  • The implications are:
    •  an increased coordination of hands
    •  differences in white matter structure, which coordinate communication to different parts of the brain

3. Helps in distinguishing sounds which is the key to language development through phonics.

4. Develops coordination as well as listening skills while building self-control and concentration.

5. Children who can keep a steady beat often show greater reading fluency.

6. Singing a wide variety of songs can build vocabulary and increase language skills.

7. Helps build reasoning skills – crucial for learning math and science.


Social-Emotional Perks:


1. Music is a voice and outlet. In a sense, music can touch the deep emotions that we may not even realize exist – suppressed emotions, while also acting as an effective coping strategy.

2. A primary function of music is to be collective and communal, to bring and bind people together. People sing and dance together in every culture.

3. Music gives children an accessible source for self-soothing and can help them feel more secure.


Our Preschool teachers are experienced early childhood educators. They are dedicated Christians who provide a warm and loving environment for each child. Each teacher has met the requirements set by the State of California. The Preschool is licensed by the State of California Department of Social Services. We are inspected on a drop-in basis annually by Child Care Licensing to verify adherence to all requirements. The teachers, Preschool Director(s), and Principal participate in regular planning meetings and attend regional conventions, workshops, and conferences to keep the staff alert to the ever-changing needs of today's families and current research in early childhood education.