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Carnival: May 31, 2019 » Year-End Carnival: Wristband Purchase

Year-End Carnival: Wristband Purchase

RHL Family Fun Event: Carnival
Friday, May 31st 5:30-8:00 p.m.
The End of the Year is very near, and it is time to celebrate with our last big event: THE CARNIVAL!
Additional cost:
TK Burger Food truck, Dunk Tank, Cake Walk, and Additional Kona Ice
We will need a lot of volunteers- so finish your pride hours for the year in one night!
Volunteer sign-up here.  >> Volunteer Now
Earn extra hours by bringing dessert for the cake walk: 1 (8-10") cake = 1 pride hour, 2 dozen cookies, cupcakes or brownies = 1 pride hour. May not exceed 3 pride hours for donations.